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April Glass Brewer

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The team at April Coffee Roasters have invested three years of prototype testing and waited until they achieved the highest cup score using the April Brewer on the world stage at the World Brewers Cup before launching.

Recently, the team at April developed a glass version of the April Brewer. Using borosilicate glass, the April Glass Brewer is able to withstand high fluctuation of temperature, making it perfect for brewing coffee.

The bottom of the April Brewer features three "Filter Holder" wedges that hold your paper filter in place. This elevates the filter and allows a flow rate you cannot achieve with other flat-bed brewers. The result is a perfectly balanced, transparent, and reliable taste experience.

The circular lines along the wall of the brewer allow more air pockets to be formed; enabling more air circulation. This helps brew consistency and enabling a cleaner, more transparent tasting cup.

Material: borosilicate glass
Style: Flatbed
Paper filter: April Filters or Kalita 155/185

April is a coffee roastery, rooted in Copenhagen, home to the Danish Roasting Champion 2019 and the 2nd place at World Brewers Cup 2019.