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Costa Rica Marsellesa & Obata - Natural Anaerobic

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Tasting notes: Kyoho Grapes, Blueberry, Sweet Dark Chocolate

Producer: Robelo Family
Region: Costa Rica - Turrialba, Aquiares
Variety: Marsellesa & Obata
Altitude: 1100 - 1400 MASL
Crop: 2023

Processing: The coffee is picked and placed in stainless steel tanks for fermentation, as they offer the most cleanliness but also help maintain lower temperature. They are located in s shaded, cool place in the mill and are completely sealed with only a bubbler, which allows gases to escape, creating an anaerobic environment within. Temperature and pH are checked twice a day and once it reaches a pH of 4.3 (1-2 days), it is opened and the cherry is taken to the drying stations.

Weight: 250g

Recommended for: Filter