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Tasting Notes: Raisins, Blackberries, Molasses, Lavender

Producer: Johan Vergara

Acevedo, Huila
Variety: Bourbon Sidra 
Altitude: 1750-1800 masl
Crop: 2022/2023

Processing: This coffee was grown by Johan Vergara at the farm Las Flores . The coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to select only the ripest cherries and then hand sorted to remove any defects. The coffee was sun-dried on raised beds in temperature controlled conditions until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

Weight: 150g

Recommended for: Filter

Additional Information: Sidra is a hybrid between Bourbon and Typica varieties. Its sweet and bright profile is a characteristic of this unique variety, said to have

originated in Ecuador.

In 1990, Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure arrived from Cundinamarca to Pitalito, Huila. At that time, Las Flores farm had 2 hectares, and 18,000 Caturra trees and Colombia variety. Edilberto and Nubia had 3 children; Carlos the older son, Johan and later Diego. Since 2006 the family has been adding other commercially better-known varieties such as Java, Pacamara, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Chiroso and Catimor. Carlos, together with his brother Diego, are in charge of most of the work on the farm, such as picking, selection, personnel management, and processes. 

Johan is in charge of qualities, cupping and verifying processes. Due to his extensive experience in production and qualities from working in other companies he is able to improve and standardise their coffee fermentations and processing methods. Nowadays the farm has 14.5 hectares of coffee with 90,000 coffee trees and 1.5 in a nature reserve.

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