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Monthly Espresso Coffee subscription plan 

At Asylum, we believe in consistency and quality. The Driver subscription plan is meant to be your daily driver. A coffee you can rely on to give you your morning "perk me up". We have decided to make our Keluak blend the feature here as many of our customers would like consistent monthly supply. We are also only offering the 500g tins which would be good for roughly 27 double espresso shots if doses are at 18grams. 

  • Each coffee tin is 500g
  • Free delivery
  • Features Asylum's signature coffee blend: Keluak
  • Espresso Roast Profile
  • We ship from Singapore within the first two weeks of the month (Depending on our roasters schedule)
  • Coffee beans are always fresh from roasting
  • We ship whole beans only
  • Perfect for Espresso brewing method
  • Subscription is monthly
  • Auto-charge for renewals