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Monthly Filter Coffee Subscription Plan

At Asylum we like to take our guests on an adventure, to showcase the funkier side of coffee. Very much like natural wine, coffee as an industry has seen a rise in using the similar techniques in the fermentation process. You will see terms like Anaerobic fermentation, Carbonic Maceration, Lactic, Yeast and more. We promise to find the good clean and safe stuff. We cup every coffee we roast and will not compromise on quality, traceability, and transparency. Take the leap, and join us on a monthly adventure today! 

  • Each coffee tin is 250g
  • Free delivery
  • Features one fermentation processed coffee every month
  • Filter Roast Profile
  • We ship from Singapore within the first two weeks of the month (Depending on our roasters schedule)
  • Coffee beans are always fresh from roasting
  • We ship whole beans only
  • Perfect for filter brewing method
  • Auto-charge for renewals