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Coffee Salon Session #2 ft. Danish Barista Champion: Patrik Rolf

The highly anticipated Coffee Salon Session #2, organised by Asylum Coffeehouse, concluded with resounding success as over 60 attendees immersed themselves in a series of engaging masterclass sessions led by Danish Barista Champion 2023, Patrik Rolf and Asylum owner, Stuart Wee. The event featured three distinct sessions: Battle of Brewers, Coffee Cupping, and a Book Fireside Chat, drawing a total attendance of 77 passionate coffee enthusiasts.

The Battle of Brewers featured a live brewing session by Patrik utilising different popular pour-over brewers - the April brewer, Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Orea and Origami. The coffee was used at the same grind size and guests had the chance to try and taste for themselves the brews produced by each brewer side by side. This experiment allowed them to decide which cup they preferred. 

In the Coffee Cupping session, attendees embarked on a sensory journey, tasting and evaluating a selection of specialty coffees provided by Cofinet and April Coffee Roasters.  It was a rather big task to hold a coffee cupping session for over 60 guests. Many industry veterans who were present were gracious in sharing and helping those who were new to the experience. 

Notes on how cupping sessions work and how hygiene practices have been adopted after the pandemic were given to conduct a safe session. The session was a great success ending on time. 

The Book Fireside Chat session provided an intimate and enlightening conversation with Patrik Rolf, a renowned Swedish and Danish Barista Champion and respected figure in the coffee industry, in his book ‘Nerd to Pro’. Attendees gained insights into his journey in coffee, exploring new perspectives, further fuelling their passion for coffee.

The presence of Patrik Rolf, known for his expertise and innovative approaches, elevated the entire event. His masterclass sessions showcased his dedication to excellence and inspired attendees to push boundaries in their own coffee journeys.

"We are thrilled with the success of Coffee Salon Session #2 and the exceptional experience it offered to coffee enthusiasts," said Stuart Wee, Founder of Asylum Coffeehouse. "The masterclass sessions led by Patrik Rolf allowed attendees to learn from a champion competitor, while fostering a sense of community and sharing knowledge among participants."

With a total attendance of 77 passionate individuals, Coffee Salon Session #2 provided a platform for like-minded coffee lovers to connect, exchange ideas, and deepen their understanding of the craft. The event created an atmosphere of camaraderie and sparked new friendships within the vibrant coffee community.

The organisers expressed their gratitude to attendees and partners for their invaluable support in making Coffee Salon Session #2 a resounding success. The event has set a high standard for future sessions, promising even more captivating masterclass experiences for coffee enthusiasts to indulge in.


Coffee Salon Session #2: Coffee Masterclass Sessions with Patrik Rolf

Coffee Salon Session #2 concluded with three captivating masterclass sessions led by Swedish Brewers Cup Champion 2019, Patrik Rolf. Atxtendees engaged in the Battle of Brewers, Coffee Cupping, and Book Fireside Chat. With a total attendance of 77, the event fostered connections and elevated the coffee experience. 


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