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El Salvador Bourbon & Pacas - Natural Anaerobic

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Tasting notes: Pink Guava, Dark Cherries, Molasses

Producer: Fernando Alfaro
Region: El Salvador - Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Ahuachapán
Variety: Bourbon and Pacas
Altitude: 1300 MASL
Crop: 2023

Processing: The cherries are hand-picked and sorted for quality, then placed into containers with water and a cocktail of mountain microorganisms, fungus and bacteria to ferment for 192 hours sealed. Afterwards, the cherries are evenly dispersed on raised beds to dry in the open sun for 25-30 days with constant raking to prevent any mould development.

Weight: 250g

Recommended for: Filter

The Estate was founded in the middle of the 19th century when Antonio Jose Alfaro acquired a plot of land near the village of Ataco. His son, Agustin Alfaro followed his father's footsteps and established El Carmen as one of El Salvador's leading exporters. His effort were continued by Antonio Alfaro, head of the third generation of this coffee family and are carried through today by Fernando Alfaro, the fourth generation of his family to farm coffee.